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Esky Helicopters
Re-Syncing/Re-Binding Esky 2.4 Ghz Transmitter to Receiver

RC helicopters may lose their signal to the remote and need to be rebinded. The instructions can also be used if you would like to bind the remote to multiple helicopters. The helicopters receiver is located in side the canopy of the helicopter. Most models should have access to the bind button without removing the canopy.

To Un-bind:
  1. Turn off the transmitter and plug in the battery onto the helicopter's receiver.
  2. Press the "bind keystroke" for 2 seconds. The signal indicator should blink constantly to indicate it is unbound. Disconnect the battery.
To Bind:
  1. Reconnect the battery to the helicopter and then turn on the remote.
  2. The signal indicator on the receiver should go from a slow blinking to blinking faster, then solid to indicate the binding was successful. The transmitter only broadcasts the code for 3 seconds so if the signal incidcator on the receiver doesn't change state, it may have missed it, so turn off the transmitter and turn it on again.

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