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RC Helicopters - Pre-Flight Precautions

Congratulations on your new helicopter purchase! Just following a few simple steps will make flying the helicopter a more enjoyable experience. Please read the following before flying for the first time.

Battery Charging
To ensure long battery life, the helicopter should not be fully drained before charging. To ensure the longest battery life, please let the battery cool down for at least 15 minutes before and after charging. If the battery discharges too much it will permanently damage the battery and it will not charge again. As soon as the helicopter begins to lose power it should be charged. The charging should always be supervised and should never be left unattended.

Tips for Flying
When first starting out it may be easier to launch the helicopter by hand instead of trying to take off from the ground.

If the helicopter crashes turn off the throttle immediately. The blades hitting a solid object while spinning can cause a surge in electricity that may damage the circuit board and motor. For this reason we can not accept returns on helicopters that have been flown.

Unless the remote has an antenna, the helicopter uses infrared to transmit its signal to the helicopter. If the remote is infrared, the remote must always be pointed at the helicopter. Infrared may get interference from direct sunlight, flourescent lighting, tv's, cable boxes, etc. Please keep this in mind when close to windows, lighting, or other types of electronic equipment that may interfere with infrared.

Trimming the helicopter (If the helicopter spins in circles)
In order to properly control your helicopter, the remote must be trimmed during flight to control the spin of the helicopter. Every model has a trim function. It is either a knob in the middle of the remote, two buttons on the top left and right of the remote, or two buttons below the right hand stick. Please refer to your manual for the exact location.

If the helicopter spins clockwise turn the knob to the left or press the left trim button(up to 15 times) until the helicopter stabilizes. If the helicopter spins counter-clockwise turn the knob to the right or press the right trim button(up to 15 times) until the helicopter stabilizes.

Initialization for helicopters with gyroscopes
If the helicopter has a gyro built in, it must be placed on a flat level surface so the gyro can initialize. Please do not move the helicopter during the initialization. The initialization should take 3-5 seconds.

On the S107, S031, and S032 there is an additional step that must be performed to bind the helicopter to the remote. If the helicopter does not respond to the remote and the remote has a flashing light please push the throttle stick(left hand stick) all the way up and then all the way down in one motion to bind the helicopter to the remote. The helicopter will not bind unless the throttle stick is all the way down.

Returns and Exchanges
We stand behind the products we sell and will accept returns on defective helicopters within 15 days of purchase. However, we do not accept returns or exchanges for helicopters that have been flown or damaged. As a service, we carry spare parts to repair most of the models we carry.

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