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RC Helicopter Grip Set Replacement

Replacing the grip sets for both upper and lower blades for most 3.5 channel helicopters is usually quite similar. As we cannot provide instructions for installation for every helicopter we sell, these instructions should get you going in the right direction and give you a basic understanding of the various parts and functions involved in the blade grip sets.


Top blade grip sets are going to be much simpler than the lower sets so let's start with those.

  1. First we will have to remove the connect buckles that hold the balance bar to the grip set.
  2. Most grip top sets are split into two sections, either the left and right, or the top and bottom. Each model will have their own version of how to disassemble the two halves of the grip set. Go ahead and take them apart, in doing so you will remove the blades. This usually involves the removal of 4 or more screws.
  3. Once removed you will see a plastic pin that is perpendicular to the main shaft and coming out of the main shaft. It fits inside of the grip set on either side. This is part of the inner shaft and must be intact to replace the grip set.
  4. Follow the directions in reverse to re-assemble.


The lower grip set is going to be much more in depth. It will require you to remove the inner shaft and disconnection of the bottom gear.

  1. Look inside the lower body of the helicopter and find the bottom main gear. At the bottom of the gear there is usually a round brass or some kind of metal block. In the side of the block is a screw. Loosen the screw almost all the way out.
  2. Now you will go back to the top of the heli and you are going to actually pull the entire top blade assembly right out the top of the helicopter. This will include the balance bar, grip set, and the inner shaft. It may take some force but not too much. If it is not coming out, you might need to loosen the screw on the bottom gear more.
  3. With the top assembly taken off, focus your attention on the lower grip set. There will usually be 2 set screws in the side of the blade grip below the blades. Take those screws all the way out and set aside.
  4. Now with a bit of soft force, slide the entire unit up off of the outer shaft and right off the top of the heli. Now you have lower grip set removed from the helicopter. To disassemble the grip set, it will be just like the top set.
  5. Follow the directions in reverse to re-assemble and happy flying!

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