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Esky Helicopters
Pre-Flight Precautions

  1. Make sure to read all instructions and precautions in the manual before powering up. Not doing so can result in serious injury or damage. Esky helicopters are a hobby level helicopter not a toy and should be treated as such.

  2. Before powering up the helicopter for the first time we VERY STRONGLY recommend that you remove the blades and make sure that everything is functioning properly before beginning your first flight. We will NOT accept returns on damaged helicopters and we will NOT be held responsible for damage caused by the helicopter.

  3. The throttle and throttle trim should always be in the down position before powering the helicopter on. The remote should always be powered on before powering the helicopter and the helicopter always needs to be turned off first before the remote is turned off. After powering on the helicopter, place it on a level surface and do not move the helicopter during the initialization. The initialization should take 3-5 seconds. Please do not adjust the servo reverser settings unless they are incorrect. The correct servo reverser settings are listed below. THR must always be set to NOR and the IDLE UP must be set to N. Do not use IDLE UP unless you know how to operate it.
    Default servo settings:
    4 channel co-axialREVREVNORNOR
    6 channel (Belt CP V2, HBK 2/3)NORREVNORREV

  4. LiPo batteries are different from NiMH batteries and should not be fully drained before charging. If the battery discharges too much you will permanently damage the battery and we will not replace the battery. To ensure the longest battery life, please let the battery cool down for at least 15 minutes before and after charging. As soon as the helicopter begins to lose power it should be charged. The charging should always be supervised and should never be left unattended. Battery packs should never get warm or hot. If it does, please do not use the battery as it may have been damaged.

  5. Unless specifically noted the helicopter is designed for indoor flight. It can be flown outdoors on calm days but should be at the user's discretion. We cannot be held accountable for unpredictable weather conditions. Currently all 6 channel models, the 4 channel Big Lama, and the 4 channel Fixed Pitch Models are designed for outdoor flight but all other models are designed for indoor flight.

  6. The flight simulator software (if included) is open source free software and available for download for free. If the CD does not work or you have issues please visit the following website FMS Software to download the latest version.

    We do not provide installation or usage support so please refer to this website for help. The forums at this site offer free help and advice. The software is not designed to be used in Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7. There are workarounds in the forum but we do not provide support for this feature.

  7. We do not accept returns or exchanges for helicopters that have been flown or damaged. As a service, we carry most of the spare parts to repair all models we carry.

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