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  2. With the helicopter facing away from you, with the tail in your face, the tail rotor blade should always spin towards you over the top and away from you. Another way to look at it would be with the helicopter sitting horizontally, the nose would be facing left and the tail would be to the right, the blade should be spinning clockwise.

  3. If the tail motor is spinning in the correct direction, but at full blast and the helicopter goes into a hard spin this can be corrected with the remote so please continue reading. If the tail rotor is not spinning in the correct direction please make the correction before moving on. The direction of the tail rotor can ONLY be changed by swapping the blue and white wires vice versa. It CANNOT be changed in the remote settings.

  4. Now that we have the tail spinning the correct direction, what we want to do is go into the menu of the remote. Hit the MENU button until the right side column says REV (looks like AEU) and then hit the SEL button until the left column is blinking RUDD and the right Column is blinking. If the value is REV then the setting is correct, if the setting is NOR, please use the buttons on the left side of the rmeote to change this to REV.

  5. After you switch that, hit the MENU button one more time and then hold the MENU button down for 2 seconds until the screen stops blinking and then you have saved the data. Make sure that the data has been saved correctly by going back into the menu and double checking that the change you just made has been properly saved.

  6. Now turn remote OFF and back ON and bind it to the helicopter. Now the mixing function of the rudder should be adjusted.

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