Best Summer Hobbies for Kids

kids summer hobbyDuring this summer, children should not only enjoy the great outdoors, but also keep busy with educational activities that utilize their minds and physical skills. Hobbies are an excellent way for parents to accomplish this goal. We have five ideas to provide you with some great educational, outdoor hobbies for your children.


Sports such as baseball or softball will teach kids how to cooperate with others to reach a specific goal. These activities also help your children understand to win gracefully and to lose without feeling like a failure. Learning the right playing techniques requires both mental and physical skills.

RC Helicopters

Flying RC helicopters will teach children hand-eye coordination along with various details about flight. In addition, studying the mechanics of how the RC helicopters work will help the kids understand how to take off, maneuver and land the helicopters without crashing them. Combine this activity with learning about how real helicopters operate to heighten the educational experience of this activity. You also may plan a trip to the local airport.


Allow the children to design and care for their own vegetable garden. Help them plan out the area on paper. Let the kids select the vegetables they wish to grow in it, help with the soil preparation and help to plant the seeds. The purpose of this activity is to teach young people how plants change at each stage of growth from seeds to maturity along with the proper care of said plants. Once the plants are mature, show the kids how to harvest the vegetables along with how to prepare them for a meal.

Bird Watching

Have your kids start a birding journal this summer. For this activity, they will require a blank journal, binoculars and a bird-identification book to ID the birds they find in the yard or on visits to the local park. Show them how to list each bird they find along with the date. A hobby such as this can turn into one that the kids will enjoy far past their childhood years.

Painting Paving Stones

Visit your local, home-improvement store, and let the kids select the shape of paving stones they would like to paint and decorate to adorn the yard or garden. Paving stones are not expensive and there are numerous ways to decorate them. One such way is by buying outdoor paints in various colors along with enough brushes for all the kids. Then, help the kids design and paint their paving stones outdoors where the mess will not be in the house. Outdoor paint already has a sealer in it so the stones will be weatherproof once they are dry all the way. Your children can then proudly display their stones in the yard or garden. Bring your children’s creativity into full bloom with a summer, art project such as this one.

Remember, the purpose of all the above hobbies is to engage the mind and skills of your children to enrich their education. The fact that the kids will enjoy every minute of each activity is an added benefit. Do not allow your children’s brains to sleep all summer when you can easily stimulate them in enjoyable ways.

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