Are You Ready for An Advanced RC Helicopter?

rc quadcopter

If you are like most RC helicopter pilots, you have without a doubt been keeping your eye out for a more advanced chopper. The thing you may be wondering is how to know when you are ready to move up from the basic beginner RC helicopters and into a 4 channel RC helicopter. Below we will discuss a few things that should help you know when you will be ready to leave the simple beginner choppers behind and move up to a bird that is more of a challenge to fly.

Knowing how to safely launch and land your RC helicopter is one skill that you must thoroughly master before you consider any advanced RC chopper. While it may be easy to take off and land a basic beginner’s chopper, a helicopter with multiple channels requires the utmost concentration when it comes to taking off and landing. Failing to master this skill will result in you crashing your new advanced bird within just a few minutes of your maiden flight.

In addition to learning how to take off and land, you will need to learn how to keep your bird at a steady hover before moving from a basic beginner helicopter up to a more advanced RC helicopter. When you’re capable of holding a basic RC helicopter steady for several minutes at a time, you will have begun to master one of the essential skills needed to pilot a more challenging advanced chopper. While beginner choppers are somewhat forgiving in short hovers, the ability to hold a bird steady for several minutes will be an essential skill when you move to more advanced helicopters. This is because a quad channel RC helicopter requires you to know how to adjust the up and down pitch as well as the left to right yaw to keep the bird steady. So once you have mastered this skill, you can begin to consider a more advanced bird.

After you have mastered hovering, takeoffs, and landings, you will next need to master how to safely gain altitude and how to drop altitude when you are flying your RC chopper. As an RC helicopter pilot, you do not have the advantage of having a stick and controls that will allow you to feel what your bird is doing and then respond to it. This means you will have to watch your bird closely to make sure that you do not climb too fast, which can cause it to stall and crash. Likewise, you will also need to have the skills to be able to know when you are descending too fast, as this will also cause a stall that can crash your RC helicopter.

Once you have successfully mastered these skills when flying a basic beginner’s RC helicopter, you will be ready to move to an advanced chopper. The biggest difference you will find between a basic chopper and an advanced RC helicopter is that the more advanced bird is a good bit more demanding of your attention to detail. If you can master the details with a basic helicopter, then you know that you will be able to enjoy the more advanced chopper when you fly. In the end, gaining enjoyment without crashing and wrecking your bird is what the hobby of RC helicopter flying is all about.

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