5 Best Syma Helicopters Under $60

Whether you are young in years or just young at heart, you have to admit that the allure of remote-controlled helicopters never gets old. If you’re just starting out in this amazing hobby or have been an avid collector for years, read on to find five amazing Syma helicopters that will blow your mind without blowing your budget.

Syma S107G

3.5ch SymaThe Syma S107G might seem like a lightweight at just one pound and 7.3 inches long, but it certainly packs a punch. It is especially great for beginners, since it is quite tough and durable. At a price point below $25, this RC helicopter can take lots of bumps and falls with grace. Better still, you won’t have to invest in costly after-market parts if it actually does bite the dust. As with any product, there are a few cons. You can only fly it for five to seven minutes at a time, and because it only has one LED light, you can’t operate it in the dark. It is also not equipped to deal with strong natural forces such as wind.

Syma S032G

2.4Ghz 3.5ch SymaThis could be called the big brother to the S107G, although it is priced only slightly higher at around $39. Since it does not have an infrared remote control, you can fly it even on the sunniest and calmest days. Measuring a foot long and six inches tall, the Syma S032G’s sturdy alloy frame helps it withstand very rough flights. Because of its larger size and stronger motor, you can fly the S032G backwards with ease. Flight time is about 12 minutes, which is just under the battery’s maximum time of 15 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no USB charging capability, but on the bright side the motor seems to be able to tolerate hours of flying without burning out.

Syma X3 Quadcopter

2.4Ghz 4ch SymaThis light and durable quadcopter is excellent for novice hobbyists. Other than the need to install four AA batteries, the X3 quadcopter comes out of the box ready to fly. You don’t need hours of flying experience under your belt to look like a pro. With just a touch of the shoulder button and a cyclic movement on the right control stick, you can flip the Syma X3 in whatever direction you choose. Thanks to the prop guard, you can fly it indoors without any qualms since it will harmlessly bounce off anything it hits. Furthermore, it is quiet and well built and a stable choice for inexperienced flyers. You can expect to fly for around 7 minutes, with headlights aiding nighttime enjoyment. On the down side, the battery is not designed to be interchangeable and the rudder is thought by some to be slow.

Syma X5C Quadcopter with Gyro and Camera

Syma X5C QuadcopterThis copter has the newest in RC flying technology. Control this helicopter from a distance and enjoy the way it flits in all directions with strong interference resistance. With the gyro auto-stabilizers, you can fly up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards, sideways, and even a full 360 degrees with ease for up to an hour before needing a recharge. You can use this model for indoor and outdoor flights alike. Overall, this quadcopter is an excellent bargain at around $59.

Syma X11 Hornet Mini Quadcopter

2.4Ghz 4ch SymaCosting just $29, this entry-level quadcopter might be a great choice for beginners, but its features would make even a seasoned RC fanatic happy. Equipped with flexible prop guards, the Hornet can hit quite a few walls and take some drops without missing a beat. Because the blades are secured fast with screws, there is no danger of them coming off mid-flight. Although this RC is not pinchable and the range is relatively short, you really can’t go wrong with this inexpensive and highly functional little drone. Just don’t expect it to be the most agile or flexible helicopter in the sky.

Whether you’re a newbie to RC helicopters or a seasoned professional, you will find these 5 Syma helicopters to be fun, uncomplicated, and inexpensive. Take some time to experiment with these little gems; you’ll be glad you did.

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