Toy Grade vs Hobby Grade RC Vehicles

mini RC helicopterMany people may not be aware that there are distinct differences between the radio or remote controlled toys you can buy at discount and department stores and those vehicles you can purchase at hobby stores. There are, however, several important differences you should consider before purchasing either of these. The following information describes the primary differences between toy grade and hobby grade.


In general, a hobby grade vehicle will perform at a much higher level than a toy grade. The technology behind the hobby grade is usually more advanced as well. Hobby manufacturers are continually coming up with new technology for their products. This technology affects the behavior of the car, boat, or aircraft you’re using. This means that hobby grade products such as a mini RC helicopter will fly higher, faster, and be able to make moves the toy grade products aren’t capable of.


It’s often assumed that a toy grade product will be played with for a few weeks, maybe a few months or so, and then it will break. Hobby grade products will not only be able to do more, but are built to last longer and take more wear and tear. RC vehicles are meant to have fun with, which means they will get banged around and eventually even quality parts will break. Availability of replacement parts is another major difference between toy grade and hobby grade.


Even if a particular part becomes lost or damaged, it’s more likely the part will be able to be replaced with a hobby grade vehicle. When it comes to replacing parts, replacement parts for toy grade products are virtually nonexistent. Even if a few years have passed, the hobby grade part may still be available in the store where the RC vehicle was purchased, or online. The store may even be able to order the part for you. Sometimes hobby grade vehicles even come with spare parts.


Finally, hobby grade products will normally cost more than those purchased at department stores and malls. But because of the quality, durability, and the availability of parts discussed earlier, the higher cost is generally worth it. You’ll likely have a higher quality vehicle that will last for many years. The saying, “You get what you pay for,” definitely applies when it comes to toy grade versus hobby grade products.

The question for many people may be whether to purchase toy grade or hobby grade. For younger children who are not even sure if they’re really interested in these types of vehicles it’s probably best to purchase a toy grade product. For older children and adults who want to enjoy hours of fun with their car, boat, or mini RC helicopter, it’s probably a good idea to make the investment and buy a quality hobby grade product.

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